What To Do If My StabiliTrak And Traction Control Disabling Itself?

Nowadays, all people drive four-wheeler’s and as being a combination of mechanical and electrical functionalities, it gives issues as the parts and the internal systems get used. Along with all the issues faced and being resolved, StabiliTrak and Traction control disabling itself is an issue that occurs automatically when the vehicle is in motion.

Story Of A Real-Life Incident:

An instance can be taken of ESC functioning systems such as Stabilitrak is driving in ice or snow. Once a driver was driving on a snowy evening. After some time in the middle of his journey, the driver lost traction around the corner, and immediately the sensors sense that the driver is not steering the vehicle in the intended direction. The entire process happened so fast that it became impossible to reach the driver. Thus, StabiliTrak and Traction control disabling by itself helped greatly in preventing the vehicle from a dangerous accident.

Also, StabiliTrak is a step above the old traction control system, which helps in clarifying the fact which StabiliTrak should be used in vehicles and would be safe for vehicles while driving.

Let’s check this article to get a brief idea of the functionalities and the challenges because of StabiliTrak and Traction Control.

What Is StabiliTrak?

StabiliTrak is nothing but a basic safety feature that is standard in all the cars that are sold with the stamp of the GM family. Now one confusion may arise that what is GM family is – it’s a standard family under the proprietary of Electronics Stability Control (ESC). It not only helps in applying the brakes in order to stop the vehicle from slipping but also maintains the trajectory of the vehicle, as the sensors present inside helps in identifying when the person driving the vehicle starts losing control of the vehicle.

What Is Traction Control?

Traction control is a function inside the car where it senses if any one of the wheels starts to slip with the help of sensors present inside that system. The anti-lock brakes are applied on the wheels of the side where the slipping occurs and consequently, power is diverted into the non-slipping side so as to move the vehicle forward. They also help in stopping the vehicle wheels from spinning. Thus, a combination of power and brakes helps in disabling the StabiliTrak and Traction Control by itself and consequently avoid an accident to occur.

Major Reasons Behind StabiliTrak And Traction Turning Off:

Listed below are the reasons behind the disabling of StabiliTrak and traction control by itself:

1. Issue In The BCM (Body Control Module):

This issue arises due to the going out of the sensors, such as fault in the wheel speed sensors, steering angle sensors, rotational angle sensors, etc. which needs to be checked and corrected (even the steering rack too) before any hazard occurs.

Body Control Module

2.  Service Light Flickering:

A message may ping that the 4WD light or the ABS lights are not working well. In that case, we need to analyze the defect in the 4WD selector switch or in the actuator present inside.

If the service light does not comes, we need to fix that immediately so that it warns us if there is a problem. While the service light is on, we need to check and immediately fix the issue as it becomes very tough to control the wheel spin in the off mode of the system. Usually, this light comes mostly during cold temperatures.

3. Rugged Up Wheel Connectors:

We need to check the electrical connectors of the “FRONT” wheels continuously as they get rough or rugged out due to bumping any of them under the truck.

4. Drying Of E85 Fuel:

Stabilitrak light may disappear due after running the tank dry on E85 Fuel and then changing back to traditional gasoline.

In slippery surfaces like ice or snow, it helps in gaining traction in low-traction surfaces. It limits the engine power so that it can go from start to stop when there is low traction on the road.

E85 Fuel

5. Problem In The Throttle Body:

Sometimes, the intake tube to the throttle body where it’s gets attached is not secure enough. Also, due to replacing the shocks while unplugging any one of the connections over the rear driver side. The problem also arises with 07-12 full-size trucks where the throttle body needs to be replaced.

                                                                                                            Throttle body

6. Difficulty In Diagnosing The Code:

Dealers sometimes fail to diagnose the issue as the codes do not appear and the problem is intermittent, leading to StabiliTrak and Traction control disabling itself. The Trouble codes which usually appears alongside the issue are:

C0561: Disablement of ABS.

P0011: Positioning of Camshaft A.

P0521: Pressure in the Engine Oil Sensor.

P0121: Pressure in the Pedal Position Sensor..

And, if no codes are getting generated, then it depicts that the Traction Control Sensor is working fine.

                                                                                                         Trouble Codes

Fix StabiliTrak And Traction Control Disabling Itself:

Here are the basic ways or points which can help immensely in disabling the StabiliTrak and Traction Control by itself:

1. Turning Off Method:

As the Stabilitrak gets turned off, it is pressed once and then held for a while pressed and then released, the service off signal will be displayed to warn the driver. Even the brake-traction control is still there when the system is off, but at that time it will not be able to use the speed management system.

2. Replacement Of The Shocks:

A major reason for StabiliTrak and Traction Control disabling itself is due to the wearing out of the shockers present beside the wheels of both the front and rear sides. We need to replace the shocks while unplugging any one of the connections over the rear driver side. The problem also arises with 07-12 full-size trucks where the upper part of the throttle body where it is attached is not secured and needs to be replaced.

3. Making Use Of Gas:

We should be not be using Ethanol as it fails the system causes malfunctioning of the fuel sensor thus degrading the working of the module sensors. In that case, we need to use the use up all the ethanol fuel present and replace it with regular gas. After that, we need to drive the vehicle to a fewer distance for some time and then turn it off.

Hence, these methods are the only possible assumptions that a driver can predict when stabilitrak and traction control disabling itself occurs, in the middle of his journey.

Instances Of Driving Keeping The Lights On:

We can drive a car or a truck by keeping the Stabilitrak and Traction control lights on. But, a lack of Power is noticed and maximum time, the problem is caused due to hard shifts which are not good for transmission.

They are usually caused by low transmission fluid, and a lot of friction occurs due to the rubbing of metal components inside. But in the Service Stabilitrak situation, they are no role for Low-Level Liquids. Only the internal transmission gets rubbed against each other which is what causes the “hard-shift” feeling.

Even StabiliTrak issues with the transmission hard shifts are unknown which is what causes serious wear and tear in the transmission which is not recommended.


Thus, as a concluding voice, one must always take a note of his/her car. StabiliTrak and traction control disabling itself is a common problem we see in large four-wheeler vehicles which loads goods and sometimes loses its control of the steering while passing by a slippery or icy surface and according to the issue being analyzed, one must disable the Stabilitrak and Traction control by itself, and by using the above methods.

if you come across any questions in your mind out of this article, do ask below in the comment section. We’ll definitely get back to you and try to get through your queries.

Safe Driving

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