Power Window Works Intermittently: Causes And Fixes

Have you ever wanted to roll down the window in your car to enjoy the breeze or pay at a drive-through window but discovered that your power window had a mind of its own? It occasionally performs flawlessly and other times it misbehaves and is uncooperative. Power window works intermittently are a typical problem in many automobiles. It simply implies that the window in your automobile doesn’t always rise and lower smoothly when you want it to.

Don’t worry; we’ll explain why this occurs and how to repair it in this article. It can be irritating and perplexing. Let’s get started and discover how to constantly control the power windows in your car.

What Is A Power Window?

Before learning about why your power window works intermittently. Firstly, we’ll learn what it actually means. A car’s power windows are like being endowed with magic for the windows. Power windows are much more practical than the old-fashioned manual windows that you had to crank up and down by turning a handle. With the simple push of a button, they can raise and lower the window glass using electricity.

Imagine yourself sitting in your automobile, which is starting to feel a little stuffy. With power windows, opening the window to allow in fresh air only requires the push of a button. You press the button once more to have the window glide back up when it’s too chilly or raining, keeping you dry and comfortable.

While they make driving easier, power windows occasionally behave strangely, turning on and off when you least expect it. When something happens, you must determine why it happened and how to make things right again.

Why Does My Power Window Works Intermittently?

One of three or four components on your master power window switch panel will be the problem, depending on the model and the options you have.

1. Defective Computer:

Many power options in some cars use the switch to communicate with the computer. Sometimes, it’s merely the computer that’s broken, sending signals to your motor sporadically and causing your windows to operate just occasionally. Automotive computers are rather complex, so if you experience computer issues, you’ll probably need to take your car to a mechanic who can fix it.

2. Damaged Or Failing Power Window Switch Or Electrical Connector:

A defective connector is the issue occasionally, whereas a defective switch is the issue other times. To unplug the connectors, pry the window switch up from the door panel. Check for rust in the wiring harness. This can occasionally be cleaned, but other times it needs to be changed. It can be the switch if the connector is working properly. If the door panel is breached by the outdoors, moisture might sneak inside the switch and the connector due to its difficult nature.

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3. Ineffective Or Failing Power Window Motor:

Your windows might only operate occasionally if the motor is failing, is partially responsive to power, or has poor ground. Corrosion on the surfaces of the contact points between the door and the ground can be removed to repair damaged ground.

4. Faulty Electrical Wiring:

A short circuit might occur occasionally. With time, the wiring’s insulation has a tendency to rip or break, revealing the copper conductor and wiring underneath. A weak connection can cause a small electric current or the wire to totally separate, possibly only coming into contact as you drive over bumps.

Intermittent Power Window Fixes: Effective Options

Now that we’ve covered why your car’s power window works intermittently. Therefore, we’ll see how to fix this issue. You can take the necessary action to address the intermittent power window issue once you’ve determined its root cause. For the most typical causes, try these practical fixes:

1. Incorrect Window Switch Replacement:

If a malfunctioning switch is to blame, replacing it is a fairly simple fix. If necessary, go to the repair manual for your car or get expert assistance.

2. Window Regulator Maintenance Or Replacement:

Window regulators that are worn out or damaged may need to be repaired or replaced. This is a more complicated procedure and may require a mechanic’s knowledge.

3. Resolve Electrical Issues:

Checking for loose connections, strengthening them, or replacing damaged wiring may be necessary to resolve electrical problems. If working with electrical components makes you uncomfortable, seek professional assistance.

4. Window Motor Replacement:

It is necessary to replace the window motor if it is broken. Since it might be necessary to remove the door panel to reach the motor, this is normally a job for a qualified expert.

5. Remove Window Tracks:

In order to ensure smooth operation, clear the window tracks of any debris or impediments. Tools that come in helpful for this job include a vacuum and a little brush.

6. Repair Or Replacement Of Window Seals:

To stop moisture intrusion, damaged window seals should be fixed or replaced. Future electrical issues must be avoided by doing this.

What Is The Repairing Cost To Fix The Power Window?

You may have to pay anywhere from $50 to $200 or more to get your car’s power windows repaired if they seldom operate. The price will vary depending on the nature of the problem and whether you choose to handle the repair yourself or have a mechanic do it. You might just need to spend $50 on replacement parts if the issue is a minor one, such as a malfunctioning switch or frayed wiring.

It may cost more if the window regulator or motor is the problem. If you take it to a mechanic, labour fees will increase what you expect to pay for the parts alone to $150 to $200. It may cost $20 to $50 to repair damaged window seals, mostly due to the price of new seals.


Although power window works intermittently problems might be annoying, you can recover complete control of your car’s windows with the proper diagnosis and repair methods. Cleaning window tracks and checking seals as part of routine maintenance can help stop these problems from developing in the first place. To maintain the safety and dependability of your vehicle, it is always important to see a qualified mechanic if you have any doubts about diagnosing or fixing the issue. You may improve your driving experience by restoring smooth and trouble-free window functioning by swiftly fixing intermittent power window issues.

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