What’s That Clicking Noise When Changing Gears?

Have you ever been a part of the debate about manual transmission and automatic transmission? Evidently, it is a heated debate amongst car owners. Manual transmission is a conventional way of changing gears. However, the process is rather complex in nature. The transmission is structured in a manner that smoothes the gear-changing process for your car. Therefore, manual transmission comprises various components. All the components work together in sync to initiate a gear switch. Any sort of malfunction or fault can lead to various kinds of noises from the transmission. A clicking noise when changing gears is a common situation.

Usually, the transmission faces an internal problem. However, the external parts like the clutch and driveline can be a potential source of clicking noise when changing gear. Therefore, one must examine every possible initiation of the clicking noise.

What Is That Clicking Noise When Changing Gears?

Noises while changing gears are a potential distraction while driving. The transmission system of the car is a complex mechanism. Any fault or malfunction in the gear system can cause a clicking noise. In an automatic transmission, there can be various causes of problems.

1. Lack Of Transmission Fluid

A lack of transmission fluid is the most common problem that a manual transmission can experience. The transmission fluid functions to lubricate the various parts of a manual transmission. A lack of transmission fluid leads the gear shifting process in a rough format. The components function in a rusty manner. Therefore, the transmission can make a clicking noise when you shift between gears. The fluid is responsible to operate the components efficiently. The clicking noise initiates from this rough mechanism.

2. Problems With Motor Mount

The Mount of the car’s transmission system varies between brands. A failed or problematic motor mount can be a reason behind a clicking noise when you shift between gears. Evidently, motor mounts are made up of varied substances. They can be made up of rubber units. Furthermore, some mounts comprise hydraulic units. A missing mount can create a loud clicking noise when the transmission is engaged.

3. Damaged Clutch

The clutch acts as the building block of the manual transmission system. It works in a conventional manner to disengage the wheels of your car. A worn-out clutch is inefficient in this initial process. A loud clicking noise can be heard when a damaged clutch is used. Therefore, one must ensure that the clutch mechanism is intact. A faulty clutch will not only initiate a loud clicking noise but also degrade the complete driving experience of your car. Pressing the clutch pedal is the initial step of shifting between gears while driving a manual transmission. Therefore, this process should be efficient.

4. Damaged U Joint

Sometimes, the problem might seem like initiating from the transmission mechanism. However, the problem may be something else. The U joint of your car can make a clicking noise when changing gears. The joints are responsible to flex the shafts. Therefore, a failure in this process leads to a loud clicking noise.

5. Bearing Damage

The pilot bearing of your car is an important component of the manual transmission system. A faulty bearing hampers the functionality level of the clutch pedal. The gear shift mechanism also comprises a throw-out bearing. Therefore, if you hear a clicking noise when changing gears, it might be a result of a faulty throw-out bearing.

How To Get Rid Of The Clicking Noise?

The manual transmission requires excessive inspection in case of a clicking noise. Therefore, you must reliable professional help to figure out the actual problem with the transmission. Any faulty part or component must be repaired or replaced. The fix to this problem might be as simple as a refill of transmission fluid. However, the problem might be complex in nature and call for serious corrective action.

1. Refilling Transmission Fluid

A lack of transmission fluid causes the components to function in a faulty manner. An appropriate amount of fluid ensures that the internal parts of the transmission are working properly. Furthermore, the fluid lubricates the parts effectively. This leads to a noise-free and smooth gear shifting process.

2. Replacing Motor Mount

A failed motor mount makes a loud clicking noise when changing gears. Replacing the mount ensures that the gear is engaged completely. The motor mounts depend upon the brand and the structure of the vehicle. Therefore, you must examine the mount carefully and replace it accordingly. A new motor mount helps you get rid of any noises from the manual transmission.

3. Replacing The U Joint

If the mechanic diagnoses that the problem is actually from the shaft and not from the transmission, you must replace the U joint of your car. A new U joint makes the shaft flex with ease and the clicking noise is easily avoided.

4. Repairing The Clutch

The clutch is the initial component that is used while shifting between gears. A faulty clutch is unable to disengage the wheels. Consequently, a loud clicking noise is audible. Repairing the clutch ensures that the manual transmission functions efficiently. The clutch pedal must be inspected for mechanical damage. Evidently, the clutch plates have a certain life. Therefore, damaged clutch plates must be repaired to avoid the clicking noise when changing gears.

5. Bearing Replacement

The pilot bearing of your car may wear out with time. Replacing the bearing is a potential solution to the problem as it ensures that the clutch is engaged properly. Once the bearing works efficiently, there is a relatively lesser chance of hearing a clicking noise from the manual transmission. However, a proper diagnosis of the actual problem must be ensured by the owner.


Noises can be disappointing and might trigger a feeling of faulty mechanism in your car. The manual transmission is prone to mechanical damage. Therefore, it is advised to get it inspected at regular intervals. Once the problem is diagnosed, it is easier to rule it out. Repairing the manual transmission will not only help you get rid of the clicking noise but also upgrade the overall performance of your vehicle.

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