What To Do If My Car Door Light Wont Turn Off ?

Modern cars are equipped with top-tier technology. Every single component of your car is a complex unit responsible to perform a specific function. The car door light is usually activated when you open the door. It works with the help of sensors to provide a luminous environment when you get inside the car. However, the car door light can act faulty with time. A malfunction in the sensors can lead your car to a situation where the car door light won’t turn off. This problem might seem basic in nature. However, a constantly active door light hampers the battery life of your car and increases the overall maintenance cost for your vehicle.

The car door light is electrically powered by the car battery. It comprises small components that work in sync. A minor fault in this mechanism can cause the light to stay on when it is not required. Therefore, a proper diagnosis of the problem is necessary.

Why Does My Car Door Light Stay On?

There are various reasons behind this issue. Some external factors can also cause your car light to stay on. Usually, the problem revolves around a faulty connection with the battery. Inspecting the connections is the initial step to ensure that the door light is working fine or not. This also helps you eliminate the unnecessary flow of current from the battery.

1. Faulty Battery

The car door light is powered by a battery. A fault in this connection can cause the light to stay on. Therefore, the connecting wires must be inspected for a fault. The transfer of current may be faulty and cause this problem. Consequently, the battery drains in a fast manner. This hampers the cost efficiency of your car. There is a fair possibility of an electric short if your car door light won’t turn off.

2. Short In The Anti Theft System

Modern cars are equipped with high-quality anti-theft mechanisms. This is a preventive measure to ensure that nobody can enter the car forcefully. Usually, an external force is applied to the doors when someone tries to get inside the car without the authority. This external damage can cause an electrical short circuit in the anti-theft mechanism. The car door light sensors believe that the doors are opened. Consequently, the door light stays on. The anti-theft system relies on various sensors. Therefore, external damage can cause a fault in the functioning of the door light.

3. Short In The Door Switch

The door switch is an important component of the car doors. Its functionality is undertoned. However, the door switch engaged the door light sensors to turn the light on. The door switch can act faulty with time. A damaged switch is unable to differentiate between a closed door and an opened door for your car. Consequently, a short switch signals the door light sensor to be active when they are not actually required.

4. Windy Weather

This might be the simplest explanation for the problem. The external atmosphere can impact the car door lights. Evidently, the car experiences a considerable amount of air pressure on a windy day. The car door switch might act faulty as a result of this wind rush. The door light sensors are engaged as they are unable to c calculate the air pressure from outside the car. This is a temporary problem. Therefore, you must observe the car door lights on a rather pleasant day.

What To Do If The Car Door Light Wont Turn Off?

If your car’s door light stays on, there is an easy inspection procedure to fix this problem. You must follow these steps in the exact order to get rid of this problem. Evidently, this is an easy procedure to perform. You don’t really need professional guidance to inspect the actual cause of this problem.

Step One

Inspect the door light switch. All the vehicles are equipped with one such switch. The switch can also have a rightness setting feature. You must try to set the brightness to the lowest level to ensure if the light goes off after that. Consequently, running this inspection will tell you about the functionality standards of the car door switch. The switch may be the actual cause of the problem if you observe that the brightness settings remain constant even after you’ve changed them.

Step Two

Try and inspect the door switches of your car. A switch that is stuck in the open state may be a potential cause for this problem. You can manually fix such a switch. However, if you find that the switch acts suspiciously and makes weird sounds, it must be replaced so that the car door light is turned off.

Step Three

After you have inspected the door switches and the door light switch, start the vehicle and run it for few minutes. Following the standard procedure, turn the key off and remove the car from the ignition state. Furthermore, you need to open and shut each door after this drive. In case of an external problem, the lights should turn off after you’ve performed this step.

Step Four

This is the last step to fix this issue.  If the car door light wont turn off after all these steps, you must inspect the wiring for each switch. A loose connection can be a potential cause of this problem. This might prove to be a tiresome process. You need to trace every connecting wire for the door light switches. It is advised that you perform this step under reliable professional guidance. A trained mechanic will trace down the wiring from each door to the head junction of the connections.


If your car door light wont turn off, it will cause serious battery drainage. Therefore, corrective action must be undertaken to prevent this situation. You can remove the bulbs of the car door light to save your battery from excessive drainage. Once you get your inspected for electrical damage, the bulbs can easily be replaced in position and you have a car with perfectly functional door lights.

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