Why Is My Odometer Blinking In A Car? [Solved]

If you’ve ever noticed your car’s odometer blinking while driving. The question, “Why is my odometer blinking?” may have crossed your mind. Odometers on cars normally show how many miles have been travelled, so they shouldn’t be flickering like Christmas tree lights, right? You have every reason to be concerned, after all. Your automobile will tell you if the odometer is blinking or something is wrong under the hood.

It serves as a silent alarm on your car, warning you of an issue that demands your attention. This article will look at the causes of a blinking odometer and what you can do to fix it, allowing you to resume driving safely and worry-free. Let’s get started!

Understanding The Odometer Blinking

Your odometer may be blinking as a result of perhaps mismatched cables. Due to how the wires can occasionally become out of alignment, this is extremely typical among folks who replaced some of the stock components on the dashboard, such as the radio. By temporarily removing the battery, the majority of people can fix it.

One of the most frequent mysteries experienced by owners of Fiat, Jeep, and Dodge vehicles is the odometer flashing issue. The worst aspect is that there doesn’t seem to be a common cause or solution for this. Even though you might experience this in the future, it’s not a significant issue and it might be one that can be resolved without too much difficulty.

Why Is My Odometer Blinking In A Car: Common Causes Of Your Query

Wires that are improperly connected can cause the odometer to blink. People who have altered some of the factory-installed components of their cars, such as the radio. Additionally, which caused the wiring to become misaligned, frequently experience this. Owners of Fiat, Jeep, and Dodge vehicles frequently deal with the issue of their odometer. A device used to calculate mileage and blinking. The odometer is in charge of keeping track of the total mileage your car has covered since the day it first began to move.

One of the odometer’s functions is to tell you if your car needs maintenance. However, the distance travelled is a crucial indicator of when you should take it in for regular examinations and maintenance. This includes routine engine and oil checks. One of the most typical explanations for this is that there may be some misplaced cables somewhere under the dashboard. In other words, the Controller Area Network (CAN) must be malfunctioning. The CAN makes it possible for various microcontrollers in the dashboard of your car to interact with one another.

These wires are connected to one another in some way so that signals can be easily sent between them. As a result, the various processes in your automobile interact through the may so that it may transmit signals to the other instruments, which in turn control all of the numerous indications on your dashboard. Therefore, if your odometer is blinking, there may be a problem with the CAN, such as a cable that has been misplaced or something similar. The odometer flashing is actually not a severe issue and has no impact whatsoever on how well your car performs. Some auto owners have developed a tolerance for this blinking light, and their cars continue to function normally.

How To Fix An Odometer Blinking In A Car?

Even if an odometer blinking light is not a serious problem, there is a straightforward solution. Your automobile battery needs to be taken out for a while and then placed back in. The electronic parts of your car will be able to reset after you accomplish this. You can eventually reconnect the battery and start the vehicle. This ought to have resolved the problem, hopefully.

Taking your automobile to a mechanic or a dealership to have it fixed permanently is the best method to actually resolve this issue. If you have any money to spend, this is the definite solution to the issue. We suggest that you start with the battery fix and then take it to the dealer if it doesn’t fix it.


Odometer blinking is a common occurrence, but it’s not a big concern and has no impact on how well your car runs. You can take it to the dealership’s mechanic if you truly need to fix it. Odometer fraud is something you need to be on the lookout for if you intend to purchase a secondhand car because a functioning odometer is crucial. Please don’t be afraid to ask if you need anything, have any questions, or need any assistance. The condition of your automobile is our main priority. Happy driving and be careful!

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