What To Do If My Car Key Has Snapped?

Breaking and snapping things is a disaster. You find yourself in a situation of stress and panic. Keys top the list of things that get lost or misplaced. However, a broken key is something demanding much more concern. A car owner might find himself in such a situation. A sudden feeling of fear hits one’s mind when the car key is snapped. What to do now? How to fix this? All these questions run endlessly in the mind. However, you should not panic in such a situation. You should stay calm and assure yourself that this problem can be fixed.

Snapping your car key feels like a disaster. However, there is no reason to worry. This problem can be fixed and you’ll soon have your car back on the road. Such accidents happen. There is nothing that you can do to avoid this but there are a number of things you can do to fix this issue.

Ways To Fix A Snapped Car Key

Wondering what to do if my car key has snapped? Breaking your car key is not a frequent event. You are left clueless about the consequences of such a situation. There are a few things that you should do if your car key has snapped. Firstly, you must figure out a specific fix in accordance with the type of key your car uses. There are usually two types of keys used in modern cars- the standard car key (which does not regulate the central locking) and the remote key fobs.

Standard Car Keys

These are conventional keys that usually break while in use. A harsh rotation or careless handling can lead to a broken key. The snap varies on the situation. If you break a standard car key while having it in the keyhole, it is a complex situation hence, the following steps must be followed to repair a snapped key.

1. Getting The Pieces Together

The broken pieces of your car key still hold significance. If possible, you must gather all the pieces of the broken key. This makes it possible for a locksmith to make a new key for your car. All the parts of the broken key are able to give a general idea of the shape, size, and structure of the key. All these details are really important when you need to assemble a new standard key for your vehicle.

2. Calling An Auto Locksmith

Auto locksmiths are professional locksmiths trained specifically to make car keys. Therefore, after you have got the pieces of your car key, calling an auto locksmith is the best solution. In a situation where a part of your car key is stuck in the keyhole, the locksmith will take it out with the help of particular instruments. They are usually capable of making duplicate keys once they have a general idea of the shape and size. Locksmiths are not difficult to find. Furthermore, you can call your mechanic for any leads about an auto ocksmith in your locality.

Remote Key Fobs

Remote key fobs are universally used as an upgrade to the standard car key. They function with the help of a chip. The chip is programmed to perform a locking and unlocking mechanism for your car. The remote key fobs can break due to a fall on a hard surface or by any other external damage. However, the key fobs can be fixed under professional guidance. The following steps should be followed if you have a snapped key fob.

1. Securing The Chip

If possible, you must secure the chip of a broken key fob. The chip can be recognized easily as the only technical part of the key fob. Securing the chip ensures a chance of reprogramming the chip in case of damage. When a professional tries to assemble a key fob, the chip is the most vital component. A new chip can be installed in a broken remote but having the old chip makes the process easier and inexpensive.

2. Contacting A Speciality Locksmith

Repairing and reassembling a remote key fob is a completely different field from standard key making. You need a locksmith who is trained in fixing electronic key fobs. The locksmith has to perform technical repairs in case of a snapped key fob. This is not a conventional procedure, therefore, seeking reliable professional help is advised.

3. Reprogramming The Chip

The chip is the most important part of the remote key fob. Any damage to the chip calls for reprogramming. The chip is basically repaired by programming it according to the new key fob design. Once the chip is programmed, the key fob is assembled. An auto locksmith ensures that the new remote is functional and your problem is resolved.

Expected Cost Of Repair

The expected cost that will incur, depends upon the type of the broken key. The process of repair is completely different for a standard key when compared with a remote key fob.

Standard Key

A standard key replacement will cost you around $4 to $10. This is the average cost that any locksmith might charge. This process is easier if you have the broken pieces of the car key.

Remote Key Fob

Repairing the remote key fob is a specialized process. Therefore, the auto locksmith will charge you around $50 to $100 for reprogramming the key. The complete process for a new key fob will cost you around $150 to $200, including the assembly cost.


The best thing you can do to avoid such a situation is to be careful. The smooth and easy functioning of a key lies in the hands of the car owner. One might wonder why is it that only my car key has snapped, but disasters happen with everyone. You should ensure that the car key is not kept at a place from where it might fall and break. A little amount of careful behavior can save you lots of time and money. However, If your car key snaps, don’t panic. The first thing to do is to check for a spare key. Having a spare key is a life-saving advantage in a situation like this. One must ensure that he/she has a spare key for the car. Disasters don’t come with a notice. Therefore, you must adhere to the popular saying- Prevention is better than cure.

Stay safe and keep driving

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