What Is That Knocking Noise When Driving Straight?

Noises are distractions. A driver cannot afford to get distracted during a drive. Your car is a complex structure comprising dynamic parts. Therefore, malfunctions of any sort can amplify noise. Noises heard when the car is idling are not really a matter of concern. However, a car making a knocking noise when driving straight on the road indicates a dangerous situation. Distractions lead to disasters and such noises must not be ignored by the driver.

A knocking noise is usually audible to the driver. This fact indicates the noise initiates from the front part of the vehicle. Usually, the suspension system and the axle of your car are responsible for such a noise. Therefore, getting the car diagnosed for a faulty component is advised. The car might feel smooth and comfortable while driving, but this knocking noise can degrade the performance of your car in the future.

What Is The Source Of The Knocking Noise?

The suspension system of your car performs complex functions. Any kind of fault or damage in the suspension system can produce a knocking noise. This is usually a consequence of metal hitting another metal due to damage. Although, there can be various other reasons behind the knocking noise. One must ensure that the actual source of the noise is diagnosed or else the repair procedure can be difficult and expensive.

1. Damaged Struts

The struts are a vital component of the suspension system. They function as a shock absorber for your car. Struts work with a gaseous or a liquid form of resisting material to absorb the shock. A damaged strut can obstruct the absorption of the pressure which the suspension experiences while the car is running. If the shock is not being absorbed, this is a dangerous situation for your suspension system and will cause the system to produce a knocking noise when driving straight.

2. Broken CV Joint

The CV joint or the constant velocity joint provides flexibility to the axle of your vehicle. The axle is responsible for handling the weight of the front section of the car. Furthermore, it balances the two wheels in the front and keeps them aligned. A faulty CV joint is unable to provide the required amount of flexibility needed to perform this complex function efficiently. These joints are the building blocks of your car’s steering system. A broken CV joint is the most common reason behind a knocking noise.

3. Dirty Or Faulty Axle

The axle balances your vehicle. A knocking noise can be heard from the front as well as the rear axle of your vehicle. A large amount of weight is managed by the axle hence, it is prone to damage. Usually, driving over a bad pothole or crashing a car leads to a faulty axle. However, sometimes the problem might be simple to fix. Dust and debris cover the axle of your vehicle. Therefore, a large piece of rock or any other unwanted substance might position itself over the axle. The axle makes a knocking noise when this substance hits the car constantly while driving.

4. Damaged Ball Joints

Ball joints function as the connecting link between the wheels and the suspension of your car. Basically, they regulate the car’s motion when the driver makes a turn. the ball joints ensure that the wheels adjust themselves per the steering wheel. A ball joint can degrade in functionality over time. A driver can easily judge a knocking noise from the ball joints if the noise is audible when the steering wheel is operated.

5. Suspension Issues

The suspension of your car provides balance. Any sort of imbalance in handling the complex machine results in a knocking noise. The suspension functions by amplifying the friction between the road and the wheels of your car. This mechanism is conventional in nature. An improper suspension is unable to establish a balance in the movement of the heavy machine running on wheels. Therefore, a considerable amount of noise is audible when you drive a car that is equipped with a faulty suspension mechanism.

How To Get Rid Of The Knocking Noise When Driving Straight?

A knocking noise can hamper the complete driving experience, hence, it should be eliminated. There are various fixes that you can try. You might notice that the noise is eliminated simply by cleaning the axle but sometimes, the problem is much more complex in nature and calls for the replacement of a specific component.

1. Repairing The Struts

Damaged struts are unable to absorb the pressure that builds upon the suspension structure. Repairing the struts ensures a proper shock-up mechanism for your car. A new set of struts ensures that the axle handles the weight of the car efficiently. This process of replacement eliminates the knocking noise when driving straight on the road for a long stretch.

2. Getting A Suspension Check

A suspension system functions to regulate the balance in your car. A loose suspension is unable to maximize the friction between the wheels of your car and the road. Furthermore, a car running on a loose suspension feels bumpier and uncomfortable. A suspension check regulates the standard level of shock absorption required by your vehicle and the disappointing noise is eliminated.

3. Fixing The Hubcap

The wheel cover or the hubcap of the wheels might be loose. This results in a knocking noise as the metal fasteners of your wheel constantly hit the hubcap. A taut hubcap ensures that this crash is eliminated and consequently, no noise is heard.

4. Axle Inspection

The axle damage is a major issue that should be dealt with, on priority. The axle of your car holds the wheels in an aligned manner and establishes balance. Firstly, your mechanic must clean the axle and look for any unwanted substance that might be a reason behind the noise. If the noise persists after the axle is cleaned, there might a fault in the axle. Repairing the axle that is damaged by a crash is not possible. Therefore, a bent axle can only be replaced with a new one to get rid of the knocking noise.


A knocking noise might not feel like a matter of concern. However, the problem can increase in the future. Any issue with the axle of your car must not be ignored as it indicates the car is running in an imbalanced form. Therefore, a noise during the drive should be checked for axle and suspension damage.

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