Why Does Your Car Smell Like Gas Outside?

What is the primary reason behind my car smell like gas outside or inside, is the most frequent yet practical question that haunts almost every Car owner ever! Well, This is not a million-dollar question and you can easily get past this problem permanently just after reading this article.

Doesn’t matter if you drive a Luxurious A-Class Mercedes or s Simple Wagon Van for Commuting, the uncomfortable smell of gas inside your car will cause you to cringe movements that can be more embarrassed than expected. Apart from that, the constant odor of gas will damage the internal inhaling parts of your body and will also make the users suffocate inside of the car throughout the journey.

Most importantly, you don’t want to spot yourself in the middle of the road whirring and sputtering all around.

This article will help you to know everything about the Smell of your Car and How to Fix that.

Why Does Your Car Smell Like Gas When Started?

Admittedly, multiple reasons can cause the smell in your car. Most of them seem so logical and simple whereas some others might lead to some serious issues. So, ignoring either of them is not an option.

Well, 3 primary reasons cause the smell of gas in your car.

1.  Gasoline Leakage due to leakage in Gas Cap:

The most valid and practical reason behind your car smell like gas trouble is the loose neck of the fuel cap that is insulated to the gas tank that helps users refill up their car tanks.

2. Leaking in Fuel Injector:

Fuel Injector – A Fuel injector must supply the right and sufficient amount of fuel from the fuel tank to the engine and lets the combustion process run efficiently well by maintaining the pressure inside the engine by restricting the excessive amount of fuel entering into the valve and helps run the vehicle accordingly. Also, The provident performance of the Engine is solely based upon the adequate performance of the Fuel Injector.

3. Gasoline Smell From Tailpipe:

An excessive amount of mixture fuel sabotages the running performance of the Engine. In short, The combustion process betrays the manufacturing guidelines by burning more fuel than anticipated due to the rich air or the mixture of fuels and release the gas from the tailpipe.

4. Defect in Canister:

A Canister or Charcoal Canister It is a part of a Catalytic Converter. A Canister is a part of a Catalytic Converter incorporate to eradicate the harmful gases mixing up into climax. The Gas vapor your engine produces contains harmful anti-climatic gases. So, to contaminate them, engineers came up with this efficient technique called “Canister” that absorbs the Harmful Gas vapors and vents out the less harmful smoke outside the Tailpipe.

How to Troubleshoot When Your Car Smell Like Gas Outside?

  • If you constantly sense the excessive amount of gas smell soon after refilling up the tour tank. Get down from your car and reach out to the Fuel Cap to check whether the cap is tight or not.
  • Another technique is to pen the fender up the front and check for any leakages in the engine to confirm your suspicion. Check the fuel rails and find the Fuel engine. There you can see some wet places which confirm that there’s leakage. But before running to a conclusion make sure the leakage solvent is gas. To confirm that put on some gloves and touch the wet areas and snell the liquid. If it’s gas then there’s a leakage.

Note: The Best way to find the leakage is to check for places that are extremely lean and immaculate because gasoline is a great solvent so whatever the place it gets on the gas makes sure it wipes every tiny dust particle out of the way. so look for the clean patches and you can troubleshoot from it.

  • Likewise, if you spot the constant dripping of gas from the tailpipe then it must be the convincible reason for the odor. So, to troubleshoot, crawl under your vehicles and check for leakages especially for – Check the Fuel Filter, Check the Connection of Hoses, Rubber Pats. If there’s a leak among one of them then you can act simply tighten them up.

  • Do not forget to have a clear look at the connector. every connector needs to be checked thoroughly and when you find any loose connections tight them instantly.
  • Check the smoke from the tailpipe while driving your vehicle. The excessive amount of Smoke might also indicate the leakages that ultimately cause the bad gas smell.
  • Try shutting down the car fragrant pieces to sense the right amount of gas which can let you confirm your doubts.

How to Fix Your Car From The Gas Smell??

As we’ve discussed before several ways can cause trouble in the leakage that ultimately perpetuates the smell of your car. And Thankfully, most of the problems can be fixed just by using some simple common sense tactics whereas some require proper attention and skill and some the Expert.

Here, we will clearly explain to you the different problems that can cause the smell and elaborate on the different technics used to avoid them.

1. Gas Cap Leakage:

Simple and most practical human error. If you smell the gas in your car just take a breath and reach out to the gas tank and check for the loose cap.

99 out of 100 cases proved that the cap is not loose thus results in the smell.

2. Leakage in Fuel injector:

Speaking of the Devil, The trouble in the fuel injector resembles exactly my previous words that state as “Major Problem” section.

This needs proper attention, man effort, and skill additionally some equipment with proper tools altogether. The unstoppable leak in the Fuel Injector deliberately causes trouble when starting the vehicle specifically when your engine is hot. Excessive heat is bestowed upon the injector because of the bad combustion process.

Although, you don’t have to worry about it anymore since we have a proper solution.

How To Fix A Leaking Fuel Injector?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to fix your Fuel Injector to put an end to the vicious gas smell in your car.

  1. Open your fender
  2. Right beside the intake, you can see the Fuel rails that transport fuel from the tank to the fuel injector.
  3. The Fuel injectors are injected into the fuel injector. So figuratively, The fuel injector is below the Fuel rails and above the Engine.
  4. Follow the Fuel Rails and try to grab a decent look at the fuel injector from multiple angles.
  5. Now release the fuel pressure by using the pressurized connector just beside Fuel Rail.
  6. Find the mounting bolts of the Fuel Rails and then by using the wrench pluck them out.
  7. Wiggle the Ful rail by grabbing at the middle and carefully use something to pry up the rod and with a little amount of pressure you can get rid of fuel rails.
  8. Now, you can see the Fuel Injector with “O” rings on top.
  9. Use the Tab and disconnect the electrical connections.

Important Note: A very important and the most commonly misinterpreted problem.

Whenever you find any leakage near the fuel injector make sure the “O” are nice and healthy. Because in most of the cases the “O” successfully plays the culprit who causes the leakage. If you found any physical damage in the “O” simply replace them with a new one. A piece of very minute equipment and commonly made human error, so avoid acting on the fuel injector blindly.

Fuel Injector is something that requires a huge chunk of money whereas an “O” just costs less than a pack of candies. Strictly check up on the rings and then run to the Fuel Injector. If there’s any crack in the Injector then simply replace them and the problem is solved.

Now Let’s continue with the Fixing of the Fuel Injector:

Leak in fuel injector

  1. After shutting off the electrical connections.
  2. Use a plier to twist the bolts and make sure you clean the premises before replacing the Fuel Injector.
  3. Check for the damages inside your Fuel injector with scrutiny and attention.
  4. Now, replace the Fuel injector (only if you find no problems in “O” rings.
  5. Therefore, your problem is solved and your car is good to go.

3. Lekage In The Gas Tailpipe:

Fixing your Fuel Injector will simultaneously fix the smell from your tailpipe. There are internally co-related and replacing them with a new fuel injector will solve the issue from the tailpipe.

4. Charcoal Canister Fixation:

The Catalytic Converter defects require proper expertise to perform on them. It might also require replacing the equipment say Charcoal that filters out. So it is better to hire a mechanic to control the issue and stop the smell.

The Aftermath:

Everyone must be wondering about what would happen if they kept driving the vehicle with the smell bluntly inside the car.

Well, you might find yourself in the order of a road due to a sudden breakdown of your car.

Leakage in the fuel injector might succeed in rating the engine but soon in between the journey, it bails you out with some constant juggling and to a dead stop. So it is better not to neglect the fuel smell or leakage inside the engine.

Although the process is dead simple and very easy. Please make sure you repair the engine.


In short, the smell of your car is not a minor issue that can be bypassed by being ignorant. Specific methods will help you to eradicate and prevent trouble once for all. Also, constant leakage of gasoline inside the Engine will lead to serious catastrophic problems. So, fold up your sleeves and repair the trouble with your own hands.

I hope this article helps you to figure out and fix the problem i.e. Car Smell like Gas and will aid you in having a safe and secure Journey.

Stay Safe by Driving Safe.

Thank You.

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